Trump Disrupted The Election


Trump made a big play at the first presidential debates. I you were to judge the “debate,” then Hillary would have won and she would have gotten a nice little high school debate trophy. But look at the polls. Most of them have Trump winning the debate. By normal means, Trump lost the debate, but Trump is redefining the rules of the debate as well as the elections. He is a disruptive candidate.

Disruptive Innovation

What is disruptive innovation. Clayton Christensen, who came up with the concept, says “Disruptive innovation……..describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors.” This describes Trump’s rise. He started out with the disenfranchised Republicans. He wasn’t another politician. He didn’t play nice. He branded his opponents. He spoke about issues that no one else was, such as immigration. Sean Malstrom, who was the expert on disruptive innovation in regards to videogames, said “Disruption is, as Christensen puts it, a ‘crappy product for crappy people’. Or to use another word that Clinton suggested, a deplorable product for deplorable people.”


The change in Trump’s attitude is now in independents and Bernie democrats. He hasn’t dropped any of his policies, but he’s changed the presentation. At the Republican debates, he was “strumping” the competition. Now, we’s more polish. More in control, as he attracts other voters. He’s moving up stream to these voters. This is also why he was (or has been) down in the polls. Usually companies that are being disrupted wont notice it until its too late.

Trump Is an Alpha

If you watch the debates, Hillary was calm, collective and quite. Trump was vocal. He would often interrupt Clinton and would say she was wrong. Hillary gave candid politician answers while Trump gave, well, Trump answers. While Hillary may seem more “composed,” Trump seems more genuine. He felt like a human being rather than a prerecorded android. The “debate format” is two boring people saying “I disagree”, and “I disagree” in a monotonous back and forth. Trump’s interrupting felt like an ACTUAL debate. He was controlling the conversation. Even when Hillary said something he didn’t like, he would say “You’re wrong.” He never took a comment lying down like most republican candidates do. I think this is a big reason people thought he won. Hillary probably had better answers, but no one thinks they’re genuine. They sounds fake and, in turn, they see her as fake.

You have to make this something people are going to want to watch. Trump brings a bit more fire and reality to a dull and dry debate. You want people to watch the debate because it brings more eyeballs to you. And if you can sell them on your ideas, then you get the votes. Hillary seems to think of it like a political campaign. She thinks if she has the best answers, seems calm, and has the best sound bites, she wins. She thinks getting the media brownie points is how she wins the election, but its not working out how she wants it. Perhaps this is why we have a video of her screeching “Why am I not 50 points ahead?”  Hillary doesn’t know how to draw people (voters), yet Trump has pulling people to his brand for years..

People say Trump is a “Loose cannon” but he’s turning that attitude into an asset during this debate. He seems strong. In control. He looks like an Alpha.  Not willing to back down. Hillary being collected is seem as a weakness. It makes everything she says feel fake. It makes her always defensive. It doesn’t make her feel like a human being. This attitude “technically” wins debates, but it doesn’t win elections. She looks like a goody two shoes, but not a president. Trump got people to watch, got people to hear his message, and got them interested in Trump.

Bad Experience


The real killing blow was he turned Hillary’s strength into her weakness, her experience.

I heard a lot of people on social media saying “Trump should say this,” or “Trump should have brought up this.” But I think they didn’t see what he was actually doing. Think about this: what were Trump’s big stumpings? They were all based on her experience.

  • Her husband approved NAFTA and she will approve the TPP
  • The Democrats have run the inner cities for 50 years
  • Hillary created ISIS
  • She has been a senator for years and hasn’t done what she says she will do.

Besides the e-mail thing (which Trump always brings up) every attack he made on Hillary was always about her experience. He often spoke about how long she has been a politician and used that as a criticism. He summed it up with this golden line “The world — let me tell you. Let me tell you. Hillary has experience, but it’s bad experience. We have made so many bad deals during the last — so she’s got experience, that I agree.”

This is too good. Hillary’s advantage was her political experience and that is Trump’s weakness. Trump has turned it on her. Her experience is no longer a strength but an albatross around her neck. Disruption is business judo. You use your opponent’s strengths against them. Hillary’s experience, onces a strength, is now her greatest weakness. Trump’s inexperience, once a weakness, is now his greatest asset. You can’t blame him for the follies of the government. While the media pundits try to pin Trump supporting the Iraq war, Hillary Clinton actually voted for it.

A lot of people said “Oh, he should have talked about immigration,” but that wasn’t part of his plan. He was bringing up every failure she’s ever had. He was highlighting every time she messed up, and he slammed Hillary with his damning thesis “Hillary has bad experience.” This is a major blow to her campaign. She has touted it as her right to the presidential seat, but now it will only come off as a negative. Beyond this, she doesn’t have much else. She’s spent so much time on that and “Trump is a big fat orange meanie” that she doesn’t have an identity. Trump is “the wall”. He’s “jobs.” He’s “Fixing trade” and “X is ripping us off.” You know what Trump wants. But what does Hillary want? Probably just to be president because its “Her Turn.” She has nothing.

The election is already over. Unless something major happens or the elite just steal the election, its Trump’s. What is more interesting is what will happen next election. I expect the Democrats (if the party survives the scandals) will try and co-opt Trump. They will bring in someone who is “From the outside” and “Is firery.” Unfortunately, Democrats are very bad about getting people who aren’t senators (the only non-political people this race were all on the Republican side: Trump, Carson and Florina). This guy will instead seem psycho and incompetent. He’ll be the actual clown that the Democrats think Trump is.

The Democrats have been disrupted. They won’t be able to win like they have in the past. If there is one thing true in this world, its that you “Can’t Stump the Trump.”




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