The Trump Victory: Enthusiam Gap


There has been plenty of talk about voter fraud, and there have been some reported instances in Texas. It’s a big issue, for sure, but I’m not that concerned about it. That’s because I’m confident it won’t be enough and that Trump will win by a landslide. In this article (and the next), I will explain the two major factors as to why a Trump presidency is inevitable.

The Enthusiasm Gap

The basket of deplorables knows this point quite well, and although Antithesis Analysis is not about saying what everyone knows or thinks, it’s important that we still discuss it.

So consider you are talking to someone who is not a “deplorable” pepe meming Trump supporter. If you ask them who they think will win, they might say Hillary Clinton. Why? Because she’s up in the polls. Now, I’m sure you want to point out that those polls are false or one of the Podesta Emails that points out that the polls are rigged. You can do the same thing just as easily. Point to the fact.


Trump has one or two rallies a day. His rallies will have 10,000 to 20,000 attendance at each. Clinton does one about every two weeks and has maybe 100 people. From the GatewayPundit

Through August 25th, Trump has held 29 campaign events in August with an estimated 168,000 participants.  Clinton on the other hand has held only 11 campaign events attended by an estimated paltry 10,000.

Trump averages 5,800 people per event in August while Clinton averages less than 1,000.


Donald Trump’s rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana drew over 10,000 people on Thursday, reportedly breaking an attendance record at the Baton Rouge River Center set by musician Elton John.

People are willing to go out and see Trump. They don’t want to go out and see Clinton.

Social Media


Trump has 11.7 million likes


Clinton has 7.5 million. This means that for every 2 Clinton likes, there are 3 Trump likes. The top topic on Hillary’s page has 5.5 thousand likes. Trump has 84 thousands.


Twitter_Trump.pngTrump has 12.7 million Twitter followers


Hillary has 9.9 million followers. Like Facebook, its 3 to 2. Again, Trump has more retweets and likes than Clinton does.

I don’t think think I need to discuss the Reddit. Its a little sad honestly.


Hillary Clinton’s book is a complete flop. From the Washington Post

Do you own a hard copy of Hillary Clinton’s book Hard Choices? If so, you’re in exclusive company. According to data provided to the Post by Nielsen BookScan, a little over 26,000 more copies of the book were sold in its third week — down almost 46 percent from the week prior, which was down 44 percent from the week before that.

Trump’s books sold well before he entered the political ring. A good comparison is MAGA Mindset, which (at least according to its author) has outpaced Hillary’s book. At a bear minimum, we can say Hillary isn’t pulling people in with her writing skills.

Why does this matter

As someone more clever than me said, If no one goes to her rallies, no one follows her on social media, and no one buys her book, are they really going to vote for her come Novermber?

What this tells us is that, in truth, the polls are wrong. If the polls were so accurate, why is reality not matching the polls? If the polls were accurate, she would have people at her rallies. She would be able to sell books. She would would have a Reddit that’s not a joke. The truth is what everyone know: No one really cares about Hillary Clinton. And if no one cares, no one votes.

One of the biggest weaknesses Clinton has is she is only an alternative to Trump. The ballot would be more accurate to say “Trump: Yes or No?” The same thing happened in 2008. McCain was just an alternative to Obama. The end result is no one really voted for McCain. The only reason they have to go out to the polls, deal with traffic, wait in line just to check a box and have to wake up at 6 AM tomorrow morning. The reality is they won’t. Something will come up. Something will happen that stops them. Trump supporters, on the other hand, will go out to vote even if Satan himself is stopping them. They will be at the polls in full force. Clinton voters will stay home. This is how Trump wins.

To finish, I leave you with Mike Cernovich

Cernovich: You’re voting for Hillary, right?

Her: Yes.

Cerno: Are you excited about this?

Her: [Pause]…not really.

Cernovich: Now imagine it’s election day. You wake up. Your car won’t start. Maybe you got in a fight with your boyfriend. Maybe you had a bad day at work. Do you stop what you are doing to go to the polls to vote for Hillary?

Her: I really don’t care that much who wins.

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