Make Your Own Game Idea, Not Someone Else’s


Scrolling through Twitter, I saw someone complain that Nintendo shut down another fan game just 4 weeks before release. It seems the big bad Nintendo is always stomping on the little guy. How could Nintendo be so heartless? We could argue if this practice is in Nintendo’s best interest to do, but the truth is that it’s Nintendo right to do so. Nintendo is the IP holder and they can protect their IP however they wish. What is a poor developer to do?

Simple, make your own game.

When you work with Nintendo’s characters, you are subject to the will of Nintendo. Even if you want to make the best 2D Metroid game, it’s Nintendo who ultimately gets the final say if that amazing Metroid game gets to exist or not. You can never change Nintendo. But you can make your own game. Instead of making a 2D Metroid game, make a spiritual successor to Metroid. Make your own world, characters and cool abilities. It is harder to make up your own idea, but the end result is liberation. No longer will you be under Nintendo’s boot heel. No longer can Nintendo stomp out your dreams. Now, you get control over your product.

And what’s better? You can turn a profit. That’s right, you can actually turn your labor of love into cold hard cash. Even if Nintendo wasn’t destroying fan games, the company would not allow someone to profit from their IPs. But with your game, you get to sell it and make money. One thing in life is that if you are doing something, you have to turn a profit. Even I will need to turn this blog into a passive income stream if I am to justify the amount of time I spend writing. Making these fan games is not easy work. I’ve heard some of them taking years to make. You are better off making your own idea that you can sell. The long hours you spend making the game are justified by being able to profit off of it.

While this seems all well and good, some people just don’t want to hear it. When I mentioned this to someone who was complaining about Nintendo’s actions, they blocked me. They would rather cry about Nintendo and their evil ways rather than grab the reins of destiny. There have been plenty of video game success stories. Minecraft was a small alpha, and now the creator is a billionaire. Five Nights at Freddy’s was made by one guy, and now has multiple games, books, toys and even a movie. Undertale also became an internet success and it was made by one guy in Game Maker.
I know there are a lot of you who want to see a perfect vision of your favorite series, I get that. You can never control Nintendo. You can only control yourself, so you should go out there and make your own game that is uniquely yours.


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