2017 Plans and the Blog’s Future


Regardless of what you thought about 2016, it’s about to be over. 2017 is upon us. So now is when you need to make your new plans.

I remember reading one of Robert Kiyosaki’s book (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad), and he mentioned how he and his wife, before the new year, would sit down, review their year and make their plans for the next year. I hate the term  “New Years Resolution” because a New Years Resolution is assumed to be broken. But a plan is something you are going to work towards. To meet. I am throwing off the term “New Years Resolution” and making my “2017 Action Plan.” Here are some of the things I will publicly share with you.

1 – Get Fit

This is a personal goal. I’m overweight and I’m getting older. It will catch up with me soon, and I’m kind of tired of being fat. Health is important, especially if you want to have a family and children in the future (like I do). Plus, I’ll just look better. This is a usual “Resolution” that gets broken. So it won’t be my resolution. It will be my plan.

2 – Read More

One of the biggest failings of our society is we don’t read. I want to know more, so I need to read to do it. It will also help me be a better writer. My goal is to read a book every month. I have a few books that I’m looking at already.

3 – Grow My Blog and Be Profitable

If I can’t make money writing, then it’s a waste of time. I need to be able to show some profit. Now, it will be a while until that happens and it may not happen this year. If I get a check in December 2017, I would consider that a success. But what this means is I need to grow my blog. You, dear reader, are the original fan. If I blow up, you can know that you knew about this before the blog was cool. With that in mind, here is the future of this blog

Blog Plan for 2017:

Hosting – I will pay for hosting for this site, so it will no longer be a free site (another reason to make a return because otherwise its money out of my pocket). I’m not sure yet if the name “Antithesis Analysis” will stay. I like it, but perhaps there is a better title.

Update Schedule – In 2016, I worked with Sourcegaming. In 2017, I am going solo. It’s scary not being part of another site, but overall better. I control what I put out and what I can say. I love that aspect. But, I need to be updating this blog fairly regularly. Experts say you should update daily, but what I do requires a great deal of research. I can’t pump out an analysis in a day. So my plan is to update every week on the same day. There may be more articles in a week, but there will be at least one.

Book Reviews – As I mentioned above, I will be reading more. With that, I will also be reviewing what I read. It will allow me to provide my readers with interesting books that they may not have checked out otherwise. It will also keep me honest in my book a month plan. Finally, it allows me to do affiliate linking as a way to make money. So I kill three birds with a single stone. I will say that the affiliate linking may be dependent on views. The reviews will happen no matter what.

Content – What matters to you, the reader, is content. I have been thinking about what kind of content I will provide to readers. Of course, video game analysis will continue, but I also want to write on culture (which I think is very important in this day and age), as well as investing. I will be sharing the kind of investing I’m doing. I would also love to start a “fund” of video game stocks, but that will be sometime in the future. Beyond that, I will share how I’m growing this blog and other lessons I have learned in life. I think you all will enjoy it.

Other – Just some aside, I will probably take request for articles in the future, if there is a topic you would like me to look into. I also hate the name “Smashchu.” That will be gone in 2017.

That is my plan for how to make 2017 an amazing year. Everyone on Twitter is complaining about how 2016 was “so terrible,” and most of it boils down to they don’t like Trump and some celebrities they have no personal connection to died. But how was YOUR year? You can only influence yourself. People die and elections happen. Those are outside of your control. You have to focus on you. What will you do differently? What will you do better? So before you go out and drink, make your plan. What will you achieve in 2017. The quality of your year is based on you.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and an Amazing 2017.




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